About us & our Next Concerts


The Vancouver Orpheus Male Choir is part of Vancouver, Canada’s thriving community choir scene.  Formed in 1992 for men of all ages who enjoy singing, the choir focuses on popular songs from many times and lands, including Broadway showtunes, spirituals, sea shanties, and rousing male voice classics.

Come and enjoy a performance of choral power and passion that only a male choir can deliver!

Some testimonials from audience members:

    • “..not enjoyed myself as much at a concert for many years.”
    • “I was not prepared to feel the emotions each and every song stirred up.”
    • “It moved me to tears they sang so beautifully.”
    • “This concert was a real treat – what marvelous entertainment! Many thanks!”


Upcoming events

After a very successful Christmas series of concerts, we are starting our Spring program. This will culminate in a tour of the Maritimes (May 14th to 27th).

Our next concerts will be,

  • On Saturday April 4th at West Vancouver United Church. This will be a joint concert and we will be sharing the stage with the Pacific Spirit Children’s Choir.
  • On Saturday May 2nd at Shaughnessy United Church in Vancouver. This will be a joint concert and this time we will be sharing the stage with the BC Boys Choir.