Some of our Recordings

Latest recording “Choral Kaleidoscope”

The Orpheus Choir’s fifth CD, “Choral Kaleidoscope”, features seventeen songs chosen to showcase the versatility of the choir. The following are example songs that you can listen to, “Skye Boat Song” and “Watching the Apples Grow”.

  1. Watching the Apples Grow
  2. My Gallant Crew, Good Morning
  3. We Sail the Ocean Blue
  4. The Minstrel Boy
  5. Skye Boat Song
  6. Go Down Moses
  7. For the Fallen
  8. Blow Ye the Trumpet
  9. Pie Jesu
  10. We Rise Again
  11. Masters in this Hall
  12. Joseph’s Song
  13. Gentle Mary Laid Her Child
  14. A La Nanita Nana
  15. The Sleigh (a la Russe)
  16. Peace, Peace / Silent Night
  17. Good Night, Sweetheart

Price $20 plus $3 shipping for mail orders.
To order, please call Ron Davis at 604 541-1118 or send a request by email.

Previous recording “Coming Home”

Boat House

Example song “With a Voice of Singing”

  1. Let There be Music
  2. Four Strong Winds
  3. Prayer of the Children
  4. Klee Wyck
  5. Royal Hudson
  6. Away From The Roll Of The Sea
  7. Wood River
  8. Shenandoah
  9. Bridge Over Troubled Water
  10. O Mistress Mine
  11. All the Diamonds
  12. Old Lady Rose
  13. Goin’ Home
  14. With a Voice of Singing
  15. Gwahoddiad
  16. Dear Land of Home

Price $10 plus $3 shipping for mail orders.
To order, please call Anthony Cooke at 604 539-7519 or send a request by email.